Managed BI -- Easy, Accurate, and Scalable

Managed BI™ provides an easy, low-risk, and high-value solution for collecting and viewing data from your multiple systems. Through a single reporting portal, we allow both on-line and off-line access to dashboards and detail reports. Your implementation is customized to your needs and your systems through the use of fractional consulting services. The Managed BI™ solution brings together the combination of people, process, and technology to unlock access to your data.


Do you manually collect information into spreadsheets (or local databases) for critical parts of your business?  Among many reasons, some examples include using spreadsheets to determine royalty payments to partners, sales staff commission, and consolidation of data from billing systems in different regions.  From management reporting to business operations, accurate information is important.

Spreadsheets provide a powerful option for immediate analysis, but a particularly poor option for long term repeatable analysis. The data is not secure, stable, or necessarily accurate.  This is due to the limitations of spreadsheets and the need for humans to process data where automation is more accurate and reliable.


Getting data together in a meaningful way is hard to do. Decisive BI created Managed BI™ to bring mid-sized companies the “Real Analytics”. Managed BI™ is a software solution delivered in the cloud and bundled with fractional consulting services that scale with your needs. By “Real Analytics”, we refer to the ongoing collection of your data, managed over time of its changes, and the unlocking of access to that data.

It’s Easy

You establish a data feed to Decisive BI.  We take care of the rest: loading, scrubbing, validating and reporting. Honestly, it is that simple.

We take you through a design phase where the success criteria is established and we focus on what is most important to your company.  From there, we design and implement the system based on your available data. We ask for nothing more than a nightly feed that represents the recent transactions.

It’s Accurate

Managed BI™ brings more control to your business operations.  By automating the collection of data, the standardization, and its delivery, you are removing dependency on a single person to run the monthly or weekly spreadsheet. Also, once the process is in place, you have the comfort of a repeatable process to ensure the data is consistently tracked over time.

Automating the collection of data improves trust and ultimately the efficiency of making decisions. When you trust the data, you immediately focus on necessary decision points. Without trust, human nature tends to challenge the accuracy of data and its origin. Managed BI™ removes the time wasted by lingering questions of data accuracy.

It Scales

From headquarters in Boston to a new acquisition in Brazil, you determine what data goes where. Decisive BI's architecture is built for your entire enterprise which includes managing data in multiple currencies and multiple languages.

Easily accessible

Through Managed BI™, you have immediate access to data from anywhere over a secure (https://) internet connection. Once connected, information can be sliced and viewed online or pulled down to your local machine for offline analysis.

Pay Off

Put your data to work for you and stop chasing it around the office. Managed BI™ makes your more responsive and focused by driving better decision making. These improved decisions result in more stable business and improved revenue and profits.