Common Questions


What is the relationship between Decisive BI and Managed BI?

Decisive BI is the company headquartered in Chicago that provides a completely managed BI Platform. Our managed platform is called Managed BI.

Does Managed BI use a public cloud like Amazon EC2 or Azure?

No. All of your data is stored in a tier 1 data center on private Decisive BI servers.

Do I send my corporate data to your cloud?

Yes. Managed BI has a Secure FTP (SFTP) server that is capable of pulling or receiving nightly data files. All communication into and out of this file transfer service is securely encrypted.

Is my data secure?

Yes.  All communication with Managed BI is over secure sockets (https) which means every digit sent to us is encrypted. Also, the Managed BI servers are secured behind an enterprise grade dedicated firewall.

Is Managed BI expensive?

Managed BI is a high value solution. The alternative to Managed BI is the licensing of database, licensing of reporting tools, and costly code design & development.  When measured against this reality, Managed BI is much lower cost, more rapidly deployed, and more responsive to changing business needs.