About Us

Who is Decisive BI?  We are a tightly focused company committed to our customers success.  We were founded in 2009 by Matthew Krudop with headquarters in Chicago.  Prior to starting this company, Matt had previously founded and operated a successful consulting company that brought leading data warehouse solutions to the world’s largest data companies.

As Matt developed the business model for Decisive BI, it became clear that the traditional build and deploy model simply does not work for many mid-sized companies. The traditional model requires significant capital outlay as well as significant hiring of high talent in-house staff. These costs proved too high for many companies. Instead of relying on clients to procure dedicated equipment and hire staff, it became clear that these customized solutions are more efficiently managed with shared resources that scale according to circumstances.  This includes sharing hardware, software, and people.

Through Decisive BI, our customers leverage these efficiencies translating into higher quality solutions at a lower total cost of ownership.  Today, we proudly serve several thousand users located all around the globe.  Each night, we collect data in English, Chinese, & German and integrate 18 different currencies.